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Ray's rants

Inside my wierd little mind

Ray G.
14 April 1983
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I'm a school counseling major at Rutgers Graduate School of Education in NJ, and a substitute teacher. I'm also a writer in my spare time, and am WAY too obsessed with Survivor. I'm a bisexual Jew who's also a moderate conservative, which just makes for all sorts of fun, and I write fanfiction in my spare time. Get to know me at your own risk! :D
aladdin, aliens, anarky, anti-draft, aquaman, arrowette, avoiding stalkers, avril lavigne, barbecue, batgirl, batman, batman beyond, bisexuality, black adam, brian k. vaughan, brian michael bendis, buffy, calvin & hobbes, captain america, castlevania, catman, cats, catwoman, chinchillas, comic books, conner kent, constantine maroulis, crankshaft, cryptozoology, dc, dinosaurs, disney, disney villains, dragons, dreamworks, ed brubaker, ethan van sciver, fanfiction, flash, gambit, garfield, geoff johns, ghosts, gilmore girls, green arrow, green lantern, guinea pigs, hamsters, haunted houses, hawkgirl, hawkman, hercules, horror movies, horror novels, impulse, israel, jack sparrow, japan, john mccain, johnny depp, joss whedon, judaism, jury duty, justice league, kara zor-el, kevin smith, kingdom hearts, kitty pryde, kitty/peter, kosher cooking, leah labelle, libertarians, lord kass, lost, marvel, mary jane watson, metal gear solid, metroid, monsters, moon knight, movies, mulan, neil gaiman, neopets, new york, newgrounds, ny jets, one tree hill, pearls before swine, phil vassar, politics, pomeranians, punisher, quicksilver, ragman, rascal flatts, raven, raven/robin, raven/starfire, reality tv, republicans, robin, rpgs, rudy giuliani, runaways, same-sex marriage, scarlet witch, sci-fi, screenwriting, sean mckeever, shadowcat, sin city, south park, spider-girl, spider-man, star wars, starfire, steven spielberg, superboy, supergirl, superheroes, superman, supreme power, survivor, teen heroes, teen titans, the amazing race, the apprentice, the incredibles, the lion king, the nightmare before christmas, the prince of egypt, the simpsons, the supernatural, theme parks, thor, ultimate spider-man, ultimate x-men, universal studios, vampires, veronica mars, video games, villains, walt disney world, werewolves, wonder woman, writing, x-men, young justice, zionism